Celebrating innovation

Heavy industry might seem devoid of personality and softer values. It is big and noisy. Mechanical. Massive plants where huge machines churn out components. In this world, it appears that everything comes down to a list of tangible facts. Units of measurements. Dimensions. Weight. Load-bearing capacity. Millimeters and materials. Rate of output. But this is not what makes shareholders, partners and customers trust a brand.

What ultimately convinces people is the thinking that gave rise to all these facts. The philosophy and passion of the people behind the brand. The “why”.

Once you have taken ownership of the “why”, you can see that all the tangible facts – the success and quality of the products – are simply the natural consequence of this mindset. And you’ll realise that there is more to come. It’s a winning formula.

Take Dynatect for example. They manufacture custom industrial protection equipment for heavy industry: bellows, cable carriers, machine roof covers and the like. When they wanted a branding brochure, I gave them this.

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  • Client Dynatect
  • Industry Heavy industry
  • Media Corporate brochure
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