Showing inner potential

You might be selling a lot of quite different products, which all have their own unique selling points. But if you have key strengths that apply to them all, make sure that your customer never forgets about it. Especially if those key strengths are easy to communicate. Once the customer has taken ownership of them, they might turn into something that people feel they could never go without.

Take R2 for example. They are the leading provider of employment and manpower solutions across eastern Canada, offering a host of different services. Some that are quite broad in scope. Some that are highly specialised. In one way or another, though, the services are all about facilitating relationships between candidates or employees and their respective employers or training facilities. And it just so happens that R2 have a dual competency in HR and career-counselling.

This might not sound that revolutionary, but for R2, it was. The competitors were focussing on either employers looking for talent or on jobseekers looking for employers. No one other than R2 understood both parties equally well. A key strength that is also easy to communicate. A deal breaker, really, because who better to negotiate a contract than someone who knows what makes the other party tick?

“We see both sides” – that notion underpinned the branding strategy I created for R2, and it’s found right across the content I delivered for their new website.

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