Building relationships

We say that we “close” a sale, but any new customer relationship actually starts at that very moment. What follows the sale will decide the future of that relationship. Starting with the most immediate piece of communication. The order confirmation.

A bad order confirmation will give the customer the impression that the seller’s sales pitch was all about money. Fulfilling the customer’s needs was never really the seller’s priority. You’ve probably experienced this yourself. Up to the point of your clicking “Buy now”, the seller said everything you wanted to hear. But when you had sent them your credit card details, you only received a cursory order confirmation. That was then probably followed by poorly managed shipping and tracking. Disappointing.

A good order confirmation maintains the interest in the customer’s needs. It is engineered to be easy to read and answer any questions that the customer might have about expected shipping times, tracking and customer support. This ticks the box. But it’s really the bare minimum.

A great order confirmation answers all questions and gives the customer something extra for nothing, taking the relationship to the next level. It shows that the seller sincerely enjoys doing business with the customer and that they will go out of their way to make the customer happy.

This is the order confirmation I created for Joolca, who manufacture and sell portable gas water heaters and related outdoor equipment. It’s been so well received, customers are quoting it in online forums far outside of Joolca’s own organisation.

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  • Client Joolca Australia
  • Industry Outdoor Consumer Goods
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