Signing up resellers

As a manufacturer or wholesaler, you face a double challenge. You have to pitch your brand to prospect resellers whilst also showing how the product will be sold to the end consumer. So you’re going to have to let prospect resellers in on the psychology behind the brand.

Do that well, however, and the resellers will be able to see how your brand will fit perfectly within their range. It might even show how your product can help them sell more of everything else in store. As is the case with my long-term client Joolca.

Joolca develop, design and manufacture consumer goods for outdoor enthusiasts. Operating through a network of retailers, their brand concept has been carefully worked out to be equally appealing to resellers as to end users. Which might explain how, in only a few years, they’ve gone from inception to over 100 stores in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

Here’s the B2B brand presentation I wrote for Joolca’s reseller funnel.

Link to PDF on the right.


  • Client Joolca Australia
  • Industry Consumer goods
  • Media Digital presentation
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