(DISCLAIMER: as far as cartoons go, this one is rated R+. Viewers sensitive to groin kicks and foul language may want to check out the family-friendly recruitment video for Philips Healthcare  instead.)

Sometimes it’s hard for people to realise how one brand’s product design is fundamentally different from that of another. On the surface, the products might look much the same. So people are likely to go with whatever brand they are most familiar with. Or it becomes a simple matter of price point.

In this situation, you need to start by explaining just why your product is superior. And that can be challenging, because people aren’t likely to sit down and read a thesis on the thinking behind your design. You need a strong creative vehicle for the message.

This was the situation Lobloo found themselves in. Lobloo design and manufacture the world’s best groin guards. But it’s not all that easy to see why their design is so unique, and the brand is still relatively new and unknown. How to spread the message among their target group of young martial arts enthusiasts?

Enter the perfect biomechanics video presenter. The work group called him “Bob”. He’s a literal poster boy.

I delivered the concept, scriptwriting, casting, direction and producing. Animation by Venin Studio.

The concept was so well received, there’s now a German Bob as well.

If you would like to see how detailed a script like this is, please find link to PDF on the right.


  • Client Lobloo
  • Industry Consumer goods
  • Media Video
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