Challenging the status quo

There are times when a product needs to punch through general misconceptions rather than battling it out with competitors.

Take the question of how to avoid long surgery wait lists. Whether you ask the man on the street or a medical professional, you’re likely to get the same answer. “Wait lists are the consequence of a lack of medical staff and resources”. So the knee-jerk reaction is to ask for more funding for staff and facilities.

But the reality is that much of the wait time is due to many surgeries being cancelled as a result of poor communications. This leaves operating theatres unused, causing extended wait times all the way up the chain.

So, if your product resolves this problem, the number one priority is to overcome the entrenched misconceptions. Only then can you go on to tell the reader how your product resolves the root cause: communications issues.

Might sound like a no-brainer, but the fact is that vendors all too often want to jump straight to product features when the market doesn’t even understand why there’s  a need for the product.

Here’s an example for Medtel, who supply hospital software solutions.

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