Saving on tech support

How many customers call your tech support with questions that are clearly answered in your user manuals? My guess: quite a few. People in general – and men, in particular – just don’t like reading manuals. So, what to do? Should you simply throw your hands in the air – que, sera, sera! – and keep spending money on answering unnecessary questions? Or should you try something a little different?

Australian engineering company Joolca had an idea. For their flagship product HOTTAP – the world’s most compact water heater of its kind – they wanted to create a “cheat sheet”. This was to be a distilled version of the user manual, including only the most important points.

The question then became: how do you get people to read a cheat sheet?

I created a piece of surprise print collateral. Delivered in the format of a (very thin) tabloid newspaper, it’s designed to tactfully shift the responsibility of ownership to… well, the owner.

Link to PDF on the right.


  • Client Joolca
  • Industry Consumer goods
  • Media Product collateral
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