When looking for new key staff members, remember that the very best talent won’t be sold on the pay cheque and career opportunities alone. Simon Senek sums it up beautifully in his epic TEDx talk. What appeals the most to people isn’t what  you do or how  you do it – it’s why  you do it.

Show the passion and convictions that drive you, and you can win the hearts and minds of those who will truly make a difference in your businesses.

That’s why I chose to create a personal story for Philips Healthcare’s recruitment video. Not only did it address the question of why; it also underlined that Philips are all about helping you realise your full potential.

“We are at our best when you are.”

I did the industry and brand research, interviewed existing staff members, cast people to be featured and delivered a finished script. Shot and produced by Web Videos Australia, who had brought me aboard for this project.

You’ve seen the video above. Link to script on the right.

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