Staying relevant

(If you’re wondering how a banana is relevant to a discussion about relevance, check out Maurizio Cattelan’s original artwork, Comedian, here. I’m afraid the above is just a poor imitation.)

You have to stay relevant to your customers. Sounds obvious, right? But it’s very easy to lose track of how much their reality differs from yours. And if you unwittingly put irrelevant information in the way of a specific message to a specific type of customer, you will miss out.

I’ll give you an example.

Retrofitlab develop, design and manufacture the world’s best aftermarket vehicle lighting products: xenon and LED kits, shrouds and bulbs, etc. for retrofitting. They had a website showcasing a jungle of different lighting parts. If you didn’t already know what products you needed, you had to refer to a complex table. And upon doing so, you’d eventually realise that most products that had flashed by your eyes were irrelevant to you. Because they wouldn’t work with your car or bike.

In short: Retrofitlab’s old website was a reflection of their expert mindset, which is shared by only a relatively small group of enthusiast customers. But retrofitting isn’t rocket science. You can sell the products to almost anyone – if you only make the purchase experience easy enough.

So we turned everything on its head. The new centre of the universe is the customer’s own vehicle.

When you land on Retrofitlab’s website today, you simply pop your vehicle details into a search wizard. Next, you land on a page that is entirely dedicated to your particular car or bike. It makes you proud to own it (and thereby more inclined to spend money on retrofits). Then the page lists what kits and parts will work with your cherished vehicle. It even tells you how to install the products.

Everything is about your reality. Everything is relevant.


Link to live website on the right.


  • Client Retrofitlab
  • Industry Automotive lighting
  • Media Website
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