Reframing perceptions

Is something “cheap” (and potentially suspect) or is it an “opportunity”? Perception is reality, and your customers will quickly join the dots and come up with their own conclusions.

Immediately providing the right framing for your product can be of vital importance.

Take Truvalue Dental for example. They are a dental surgery clinic with a difference; as opposed to their competitors, they manufacture their own crowns, veneers and bridges right here in Australia. Problem was, thanks to their economy of scale, they are comparable in price to those businesses that sell less-than-savoury implants imported from Asia. There was a risk of people perceiving them as “too cheap”. Yet Truvalue didn’t want to simply crank up the prices and compete with the more expensive surgical clinics. That strategy didn’t gel with their demographics. So they needed a way to sell at lower prices without devaluing the brand.

Building on the notion of scarcity, I provided Truvalue with a new strategy and delivered the creative concepts and copy for their new website.

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