Winning by educating

You might have the best product in the world; if the customers don’t understand why that’s so, sales will suffer. Should that be the case, look for the next opportunity to educate your target group.

A well-written purchasing guide can offer customers huge value in terms of new knowledge, and it comes with at least some of the editorial credibility of a case study or whitepaper.

Keep it as brand-neutral as possible, and the reader will enter research mode. You simply serve up the facts of your industry in a palatable manner, and people educate themselves. And then, knowing that they’re making an informed choice, they will pick you.

This kind of transparent and factual content wields immense credibility and marketing power.

Here’s the purchasing guide I wrote for Retrofitlab, who design, develop and manufacture the world’s best aftermarket vehicle lighting products.

Link to PDF on the right.


  • Client Retrofitlab
  • Industry Automotive lighting
  • Media Purchasing guide
  • PDF